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Cryptocurrencies should not just sit idle in your wallet, they should work for you.

Increase your cryptos without giving away your private keys

Streakk allows decentralised staking
Dezentrales Staking

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Sign up to Streakk for free and download the app directly from the dashboard.

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Suki Chen

CEO of Streakk
Suki Chen has a passion for blockchain technology, art and investing. He advised and supported the launch of 2 successful ICO projects. He has been involved in numerous advisory boards and discussions at G-level, state-owned enterprises and some of the largest conglomerates for Blockchain technology implementations.


Validators with whom Streakk collaborates

Buy Node, support network and Increase Staking Yields by up to 8%

Streakk Interview

with CEO Suki Chen
In this first exclusive interview with Streakk CEO Suki Chen, all the critical questions are asked. For example, how can bitcoin be staked decentrally via the Streakk app without leaving the wallet? Have the programmers built a backdoor into the blockchain? Where will the Streakk price be in a year? Is Streakk scam? These questions and many more are answered in this interview.
Streakk Interview with Suki Chen
Play Video about Streakk Interview with Suki Chen

Buy a node for as little as $100 and increase your staking revenue by up to 8% per year!

Simply register for free at Streakk, top up USDT (TRC-20) and buy a node. Starting with a $100 node, the staking yield is increased by 2% per year.

Attention: If you send USDT to a wrong address or a wrong network – e.g. if you use ETHEREUM instead of TRON – this will lead to a loss of money.

Streakk Staking Erträge erhöhen


1) Download the app for free, send your cryptos to the wallet and activate staking.

2) Earn the highest rewards every week ALSO on BTC and 20+ other blockchains.

3) No time commitment – earn as long as you “HODL”.

4) Trust no one – ONLY YOURSELF!

BTC 7% P.A
ETH 10% P.A
USDT 14% P.A
BNB 15% P.A
ADA 15% P.A
DOT 16% P.A
STKK 20% P.A

Important: By purchasing a node from the ECO system, you can even increase these figures. Depending on the node, you get 2% to 8% on top.

-From $100, $250, $500, $1000 … up to $200,000 possible

-Earn stable passive income and higher rewards and FREE STKK Token

– 2% cashflow per week on TOP

-And earn up to 8% more on your Staking results in your Wallet

Shared Node: Available from $100, gives you 2% more on your staking results.
Dedicated Node: Available from $5000, adds 5% to your staking results.
Dedicated Node Pro: Available from 25000$, adds 8% to your staking results.


2) You will receive STKK tokens worth the value of your node as a gift. (100 weeks locked)
3) You get 2% per week or 8.66% monthly: stable, passive in USD

Streakk has been developed for the masses and anyone can use the decentralised wallet on their own. To buy a node, you need an invitation from a member of the community. You can find this on this website by clicking on the Register button.

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Jason Brenson

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Kevin Truden

Gary Billick

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Elsy Rossi


Streakk is revolutionising finance

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